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The Idolatry of Missions

Missionaries are like the church’s Special Forces, right? They go into enemy territory, sometimes covertly, tearing down walls for Jesus. They have special training, preparing them to serve in the darkest places around the globe. Missionaries are on the front lines of the Kingdom of Heaven, right? I’m sorry, but no.

Jonathan TrotterJonathan Trotter

Confusing Times Call for Presence-Based Leadership

If even Jesus, the Son of God, could do "nothing of Himself, but only what He sees the Father do," how much more so do we need to depend on living in the Presence of God, sensing what He is doing in the situation and partnering with Him to carry it out. Yes, the Lord uses our talents, gifts, intellect and skills. But we can't trust those things for the answer. We need to allow Christ to build His wisdom as we wait in His presence.

Patricia TillmanPatricia Tillman

They Were Lost in God!

Are you lost in God? God is asking us, “Do you really, intentionally love Me?” If you are not doing this, you cannot teach your people to love God. It’s learned by examples, whether it's a leader in the Old Testament or us. Our kids and disciples know how to love God because they’ve seen it modeled before them.

Joe HandleyJoe Handley

Can I Borrow Your Glasses?

Research provided by McKinsey’s Organizational Health Index suggests that one of the most important behaviors for effective leadership is “seeking different perspectives.” Why do leaders choose to “go it alone?” What are the mental roadblocks that prevent leaders from taking advantage of the value of different perspectives?

Paul MetlerPaul Metler

8 Ways for Expats Who Stay to Stay Well

At one point, I was a comer. One day in the future, I will be a leaver. But for the past twelve years, I have been a stayer. And I’ve passed through all the feelings: joy at new friends, sorrow at goodbyes, anger at goodbyes, self-righteous judgment of newbies, carelessness about my current circumstances, delight in my situation. It isn’t easy to stay well and to stay healthy emotionally, while staying. How can stayers, stay well?

Rachel Pieh JonesRachel Pieh Jones