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The Two Things a Leader Does That Last

Leaders come with a variety of experiences, tools, approaches and methodologies. The thing they all share, however, is the belief that they can bring value to an organization in the form of substantive change. They all believe they can guide a group to achieve a given goal. But no matter what area of expertise or experience, no matter where they start in the process of influencing an organization, there are basically two categories of value a leader brings that last.

Jess MacCallumJess MacCallum

Deliberate Rest

It seems that like breathing, we can all rest naturally; but to perform at our peak, we can all learn to do it better. It turns out that we have to work at taking deliberate rest. What do you do to rest and recover? How do you detach from your work?

Rick JamesRick James

Three Battles Every Leader Must Win

Ever feel like your life is a constant battle? Want three keys to turning those battles into minor skirmishes? These battles are where the enemy seeks to render us ineffective in our work for our Lord. Scott reminds us that God is the owner of all aspects of a true leader’s life and calling. Releasing the ownership of these aspects to God’s capable hands gives the leader a great freedom from slavery to the responsibilities. This way of leadership is a journey of disciplined practice that leads to selflessness and being more Christ-like.

Scott RodinScott Rodin

Today’s Challenge to Christian Teachers

The goal of teaching someone to climb mountains is more than teaching mechanics of climbing. The teacher equips the student with all the nuances of safety and planning as well as appreciation of the splendor at the top. God empowers all believers to serve with their gifts and not just to listen to teaching. Teachers must help keep the body of Christ in balance, and George urges teachers not to get so wrapped up in brilliant teaching as an end in itself, but to realize it is the means for the Body to be equipped to use their spiritual gifts to serve.

George PattersonGeorge Patterson