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Jesus Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

God really loves me! Really, He does. When was the last time you contemplated that truth? In this article, Matthew reminds leaders that Jesus loves them always, and a strong illustration of this is when Jesus told His disciples to abide in Him. He also outlines a few practical ways to receive Jesus’ love every day, and to enjoy Him.

Matthew RohrsMatthew Rohrs

Managing a Vision

A team playing tug-o-war has a common core goal to gain as much traction and as much real estate as possible. Everyone is pulling in the same direction just as a well articulated vision should do for any organization. A vision spoken with passion will stir many hearts, but how does one manage a vision?

Gary KamaalGary Kamaal

Fine Lines – Leading with Balance

Most people have never walked a tightrope, but anyone who has watched someone do it knows balance is the ultimate key to staying upright. The same holds true for leadership. Balance is the key, and Rick addresses several significant characteristics of leadership that can be perverted from good to bad. He shows two sides of the coin in five classic examples.

Rick WestonRick Weston

Lesson from a Laptop

When the pressure is on and there is a lot to do, in the very time we need to be intimately connected to God and depending upon His Spirit, we as Christian leaders tend to cut back on quality time with God and end up “running on battery.” Sadly, what usually starts out as a temporary measure often becomes a dangerous habit. Before long, we find ourselves operating in our own strength and wisdom, and not in God’s.

Bert WatsonBert Watson

5 Principles for Growing through Change

Just a little rain transforms an arid desert into a magnificent blooming garden. That rain changes the arid environment and draws life from dormant seeds. The same can happen when we face changes in our lives. Sam experienced not one, but four painful organizational changes in his 24 years with World Vision. He said, “I was laid off once, resigned once and ‘stormed out’ once.” Sam outlines some growing lessons from Psalm 37.

Samuel VoorhiesSamuel Voorhies