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David Goodman

David Goodman

About the Author

David was born on the mission field in Cameroon, Africa, spending his childhood in the Central African Republic, so he understands missionary life by personal experience. He and his wife, Nancy, have been married for 41 years and have three adult children.

He has served in a variety of pastoral positions in local churches, and was for thirteen years the senior pastor of Winnetka Bible Church in Winnetka, Illinois. Not only has he worked in local churches, he has also been the International Vice President of T-Net International where he equipped and mobilized U.S. pastors to train pastor trainers in countries throughout the world. David also served as Senior Associate: Strategic Enterprise for TOPIC (Trainers of Pastors International Coalition) just before coming to Entrust.

In September 2009, David assumed the role of President at Entrust, headquartered in Colorado Springs, CO. He is called to Entrust to serve a creative, collaborative ministry team that glorifies God in producing pastors and church leaders who lead others to fullness of life in Christ.

David and Nancy enjoy the adventure of exploring new places, new ideas and other cultures.

Entrust has been equipping servant-leaders for over 30 years by building training systems that are locally sustainable from the start. These systems are built with transferability in mind so that the training multiplies (2 Tim. 2:2)—taking seriously the fact that the church in parts of the world is growing faster than the leadership. Entrust reaches out to church leaders where the need is greatest. We currently serve in Central and Eastern Europe, Russia, Central Asia, the Middle East and Africa, and are pursuing opportunities in East Asia, India and Latin America.

A Teacher’s Greatest Disappointment

A certain leader took on a very promising young man to disciple in the faith. The leader’s reputation was such that if he were to let it be known that he was looking for someone to mentor, most people would drop everything to volunteer for the position. The leader poured heart and soul over that young man, but he was still a tremendous disappointment.

David GoodmanDavid Goodman

When Sheep Bite

Members of flocks might wish shepherds were more sensitive to their needs. But the reality is, when shepherds find their sheep can bite like wolves, they easily become too defensive to act in their own best interests, let alone that of their flocks. This is true not only of pastors, but Christian leaders of all sorts.

David GoodmanDavid Goodman