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Doug Brown

Doug Brown

About the Author

Sharon and I have been married for 36 years. They have six children and ten grandchildren.

Doug has had the privilege of planting two churches and has served as lead pastor at Lee’s Summit Community Church for twenty-five years in Kansas City.

He started e3 leadership group in 2005 where the focus is on equipping emerging and existing leaders in healthy leader development. Their purpose is to catalyze, connect,and coach churches & other partners in healthy leader development and care to foster church planting and disciple-making around the world.

He is involved in transforming the way leaders are developed through the ConneXions model that shows the Bible’s standard for leadership and what are the qualities of a healthy leader. Doug has been a ConneXions Coach since 2007. In training healthy leaders, they build into their lives; explore how to implement these leadership principles into their context; coach; resource; network and ultimately the newly equipped leaders own their own leader development appropriate to their culture and context.

Why am I Here?

Everything we do in life and leadership must flow out of being in relationship with God! Doing comes from being: Being in relationship with the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit is above all, and it is out of this relationship that we do.

Doug BrownDoug Brown