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Articles in this category focus on rejoicing in the community of other believers, how to build and nurture community, and how to better reflect Jesus Christ to our brothers and sisters in the faith.

10 Ways Leaders Build Trust

Trust is having strong conviction in the evidence of something, or agreeing the evidence is true. That is why no one trusts a bridge they can plainly see is broken. Building trust depends upon actions that are the evidence that a person is trustworthy. Here are ways leaders can ensure the trust bridges are strong and true within a team.

Charles StoneCharles Stone

What You Don’t Know About Your Church May Kill You

Water can do a lot of damage to rocks and roads as this view of Bourke’s Luck Pot Holes in South Africa reveals. Everyone knows what happens when you slam into a pothole. It could be the same when you encounter a pitfall in a new leadership position at a church. When a pastor moves to shepherd a new church, some unhealthy patterns may emerge, and some members may have unrealistic expectations of their new pastor. Charles suggests some ways to avoid the pitfalls and some questions to ask the church leaders to better shepherd the congregation.

Charles StoneCharles Stone

Under-Delegation vs. Over-Delegation

Delegation is also the number one development tool you possess as a leader. No amount of education (important), training (also important) or feedback (very important) can substitute for direct responsibility. Emerging leaders need to learn under the yoke of responsibility. Look back at your own growth as a leader to see the truth of this. But there is a danger in both under-delegating and over-delegating.

Jess MacCallumJess MacCallum

Being Encouraged by our Fruit

Do you know that the Lord Himself finds joy and satisfaction in His people? God’s people give Him pleasure! He joys over us with singing and takes delight in us. The new creation that is the church is a foretaste of the New Heavens and New Earth. While awaiting that glorious future God Himself says that we ought to rejoice in the people He has created. Enjoy the fruit of the ministry. See what the Lord has done and be glad in it!

Jim BrennemanJim Brenneman