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Christian Celebrity Culture

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Christian Celebrity Culture

Stephen VaughnStephen Vaughn
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I am all for having role models and people to look up to. It’s fun to observe others’ lives unfold and to learn from them. We also find ourselves drawn to those who do the things we dream of doing. Sometimes this leads to elevating that person more than he or she deserves, something Christians call idolatry.

Here are my thoughts concerning the celebrity culture that some Christians have bought into.

I could write for a week on this topic, but these four thoughts are enough to ponder. Examine your own life to see if you are drawn to power, or people. I hope it’s the latter.

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  • Ngallendou Dièye

    Very good points!
    What cleric does not revel in position, privilege, power, pay and pension?
    A desire for greater glory remains a basic, biblical motivation, that is, the glory to be revealed at Messiah’s return.

  • BiggyB

    Sometimes I fear, as I look at some churches, that we are breeding congregations whose christian life is dependent on the next ‘fix’ – waiting for the next big speaker rather than developing a day-to-day relationship with the Lord.