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How do I write for

Please tell us about your work here. You can even use this as your personal blog site, where we do all the work.

Is there any charge for accessing content?

No. All of our content is open and freely-available to all.

Can I advertise on

No. We want no distractions from the content.

How can I find articles on specific issues?

There are many ways:

  1. Use the search box
  2. The Writings page lists all articles according to their main categories
  3. The Index page tracks subject “tags” for all articles (like the index in the back of a book).
  4. The latest articles are shown in chronological order on the Home page.
  5. The Most Popular page is continually updated.
  6. Each writer’€™s page lists everything he or she has written.
What is your Statement of Faith?
Who runs

This site is a ministry of LeaderSource SGA. Our Executive Director and Curator is Malcolm Webber. The Managing Editor of the site is Joshua Webber.

What is the vision of

Our vision is to make available the very best writings on Christian leadership and leader development.

We ultimately hope to make these writings available in many languages on separate sites.

Our writers are the best thinkers and practitioners in the field. In addition, the site is mobile-friendly and is characterized by focus on the content, clear typography, easy social media connections, no marketing and no charges!

Is there a special app for smart-phones and tablets?

No. The current site is designed to be highly responsive — it will work well on every device. In addition, try out our new magazine on Flipboard — just search for “Healthy Leaders”.

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What other resources do you have?

For information about our core models and ministry philosophy please see: and

We have many online resources that might be of interest to you: