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How do you give attention to work and family life?

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How do you give attention to work and family life?

It is such a challenge for me to balance work and life. I’ve heard it described before as a tension, and a scale. One will have to lack. How do you decide which one does?

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Answers from the Community

  • Jim Brenneman

    Neither should suffer. A healthy family will make you a better leader. And a strong organization or ministry will always desire you to be all that God wants in every facet of life.

  • Joseph

    Probably it is not right to think that either of the two should suffer. We want to have a healthy family to assure that we have effectiveness in work. Meanwhile we do our work to provide for our family – but if our work is destroying our family, the makes all the work in vain, doesn’t it?

    Even if the work we are doing is “ministry” – still we must make sure that maintaining a healthy family is at the top of a priority list. If we fail to care for our family, how can we care for the household of God (1 Tim. 3:5; 5:8)?

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