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Should I be open to correction from those I am leading?

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Should I be open to correction from those I am leading?

So here I am, 63 years old, having been in ministry for 45 years ‒ since I was a teenager. I’m sharing a 10-hour drive to Bible conference with a young lad who is buying all the gas. He goes on and on about biblical languages, citing authorities unknown to me. After about 20 minutes of his discourse, I finally tell him he needs to take a breath and let others participate…

He listens to my correction for about 30 seconds before his eyes seem to brim with tears and he points out that the night before, I had so dominated the conversation with his guests that they had simply had to postpone their meeting.

What a shock! Why hadn’t he said something that evening? Why did he wait? I know that I talk too much and too long. Why did he permit me to embarrass myself with my own rude and obnoxious rant?

Should I be more open to correction? How can I invite it? How can I become more approachable in order to receive help from those who are younger than me, or those who I am leading?

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