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Healthy Leaders

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Steward Leaders Temper Power

Have you ever known someone who let power or position go to their head? I’ll bet it was hard for you to follow or respect that leader. Power is an essential force in human relations that can be used for good or evil, but to be a benevolent force it must be tamed; therefore, Christ’s stewards must consider the responsible use of the power He places in our hands.

Howard RichHoward Rich

Challenge to Church Planters

George relates the similarities between today’s prolific churches with the characteristics of the churches depicted in Acts. Churches that rapidly multiply today have certain things in common: Money is not a necessary component, nor are particular doctrine or liturgy, buildings, degrees, big meetings, or eloquent speakers. They require no church practices except what Christ and His apostles required.

George PattersonGeorge Patterson

3 Kinds of Leaders

For any organization to last, there needs to be a blend of leadership strengths and gifts. Once in a while there’s a leader that can do all of these things, but that is rare. This is why it’s so important to choose the right people to lead, develop and grow an organization.

Russ ClineRuss Cline