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10 Ways to Respond to Gossip About Your Leaders

Brian ThorstadBrian Thorstad

It’s out of style in today’s world, but in the value system of God, church leaders are to be held in high honor. First Thessalonians 5:13 says we should “Hold them in the highest regard in love, because of their work.” 

The “highest regard” means that we treat our church’s leaders as being just as important as the President of the U.S., the Secretary General of the UN, our favorite rock star or our beloved grandmother.   

The tendency of our sinful hearts is always to resist authority; thus the ever-present temptation to despise and dissect those whom God has placed over us. So in any organization where somebody is in charge ‒ and we all know this from experience – the default attitude is always to find fault with our leaders and to talk about them unflatteringly. 

I’m not suggesting that our leaders are always right, of course, or that we should maintain a cult-like level of loyalty. But what we can learn to do is to ask ourselves, and others, some good, thoughtful questions when we hear gossip about our leaders.

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