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Carol Davis

Carol Davis

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As co-founder and Executive Director of Global Spectrum and strategist for LeafLine Initiatives, Carol pioneers pathways to the future. God’s heart for the cities of the U.S. and nations of the world has captured her heart, and her passion is to see the church be life-giving ambassadors of Christ in the context of the 21st century distinctive. She studied at Washington State University, taught in universities and seminars, and has served on church staffs for more than 25 years. Now as a consultant she mobilizes professionals and consults and mentors pastors, organizations, global strategists, and the next generation. Carol is the conceptualizer and founder of The Spare and Intersection conferences. Her strategic insights and contributions come out of 47 plus years of ministry experience. Starting new initiatives is what keeps her on the ‘grow’ and usually in hot water. Her four grandsons, who have been on many adventures with her, affectionately call her “Mommers.”