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Frank Cookingham

Frank Cookingham

About the Author

Frank married his wife in 1965. Together, they have three sons, each with family; seven grandchildren.

For a number of years, Frank have served as Lay Leader at Chino California United Methodist Church. His primary responsibility is to assist all committees to function effectively while following the teachings of Jesus. He also assists his pastor with a variety of tasks.

Frank was awarded an Ed.D in Community Education in 1980. Prior to that, he completed a master program in research and statistics. In his working career he melded these studies into becoming a program evaluator for community development projects sponsored by Christian agencies in more than 40 countries primarily in Africa and Asia.

Frank retired in 2011 but continues to provide information about Christian community development evaluation through his blog at

Introduction to Community Development from a Christian Perspective

Shalom is the biblical aspect of harmony within diversity. Frank’s startling insights describe community development as stemming from this biblical perspective. Typically an observer is drawn to the quality of the environment where people are. From a transformation perspective it is more important to wonder about how they relate to each other as they work; why they are doing this work; what consequences they envision for the way they do the work. He applies the definition of community development as loving God and neighbors, the first and second greatest commandments.

Frank CookinghamFrank Cookingham