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Gina Burgess

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Gina has had extensive experience in journalism being the managing editor for a small, weekly paper in Tensas Parish Louisiana, and the Lifestyles Editor for The Picayune Item, in Picayune, Mississippi, as well as an editor for several other publications. Her first love is using her God-given talent to shine a light in a dark world, and she is so committed to bringing God glory with everything she does. She also has extensive experience in online community development since 1997. She is a Christian writings, and Christian book reviewer for several publishers, and has taught Sunday School and Discipleship Training since 1972. She has two daughters and two sons-in-law and two grandbaby girls, and she says, “Life is really good! After praying for six years for a grandbaby, God recently answered that prayer with not one but two precious bundles of joy in 2014. God is good all the time.” Gina is a weekly columnist at Each column comes out on Sundays. Check them out at, center column. That website has a huge amount of Bible research books, commentaries, and lexicons as well as more than 20 different versions of Bible translations. You can check out her blog, Refreshment in Refuge and her book review site, UponReflectionBlog.

Healing Hurting Hearts

Leaders have the responsibility to remember that their words can slice and dice, and their actions can wound the best of followers. Because humans are fallible, these kinds of wounds will happen. Whatever the leader does after the confrontation or a misspoken, hurtful word illustrates the caliber of character the leader possesses.

Gina BurgessGina Burgess