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Howard Rich

About the Author

Howard’s leadership philosophy is simple:  lead from a life of generosity, living with an open hand and an open heart.  Be generous with your time, with words of praise, and with your money.  Be generous by recognizing the effort others have contributed to your success and to your organization’s success.  Be generous when blame must be placed by accepting the responsibility on you as the leader.  Be generous when conflict arises by being a catalyst for healing and reconciliation.  Be generous with resources entrusted to you, whether they are organizational or personal.  Be generous when mistakes are made and resources are lost by seeing the person and not the cost of the resource.

For the past 16 years he lived and worked in South Korea in the defense industry, during which time he earned a PhD in Organizational Leadership, concentrating on stewardship in for-profit businesses.

Living overseas provided an incredible opportunity for him to mentor and coach non-profit leaders working in various US and Korean based ministries.

He recently relocated to the Memphis area to specifically work with Christian business and non-profit leaders in the area of leadership and stewardship.