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Jeff Klick

Jeff Klick

About the Author

Dr. Jeff Klick has been in full time ministry 1981. He currently serves as the senior pastor at Hope Family Fellowship in Kansas City, Kansas, a church he planted in 1993. Dr. Klick married his high school sweetheart, Leslie, in May of 1975. They have three adult children and thirteen grandchildren. Dr. Klick loves to learn and has earned a professional designation, Certified Financial Planner, earned a Master’s degree in Pastoral Ministry from Liberty Theological Seminary, a Doctorate in Biblical Studies from Master's International School of Divinity, and a Ph.D. in Pastoral Ministry from Trinity Theological Seminary. In addition to serving as senior pastor at Hope Family Fellowship, Dr. Klick is an author, a consultant with The Institute for Church Management and also serves on the Board of Directors for The Council for Gospel Legacy Churches.

The Freedom In No

Knowing what God has called you to do is both freeing and limiting. I am free to pursue whatever opportunities are in line with the vision. I am also free to say no to those outside of that vision. Of course, we must pray and evaluate each opportunity, but the freedom to say no is, well, freeing.

Jeff KlickJeff Klick