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Jerry Jones

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Jerry the Family Man I have been married to the gorgeous love of my life  since 1996.  Our story is confusing for normal people.  We get around.  We have two beautiful children.  We adopted Rachel from China (while we lived in the States) in 2004 and we adopted Judah from the States (while we lived in China) in 2009.  Obviously we don’t do things the easy way but we are richly blessed to have a multi-cultural family to share this wonderful adventure with.  Together we have realized that wherever we live . . . we are home. What is the Culture Blend?  Yeah, that’s us. Jerry the Culture Vulture I am truly fascinated by all things culture and I love watching when cultures blend.  Seven years in China was exactly that.  A blend of cultures.  Family.  Business.  Community.  Life.  Being back in America was a pleasant surprise as we learned that people here are just as strange and fun to watch as they are anywhere.  It’s all a wonderfully awkward mix of people who see the exact same world from completely different perspectives.  I love that. Jerry the Working Man In China I was the Executive Director and lead trainer for a company that helped people navigate the challenges of a shrinking world.  Doing business in China was thrilling and wonderful and absolutely maddening.  Now I  do training and coaching for individuals and families who are transitioning to life as  outsiders, whether it be becoming an expat in China or trying to remember how to be normal again in their own land. Jerry the Writer I love to write about what I see and how I see it.  I love to share the nuggets that I have picked up from my successes and failures as an international businessman because I think someone else might be interested in how to succeed and not to fail.  I love to share about my family because I am uber-proud of them and I think the whole world should be too.  I love to share about culture because I like people and where there are people . . . there is culture.  And when cultures bump into each other, the blend is never, ever boring.