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Mark Szymanski

Mark Szymanski

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Mark presently is the Director of Partnership at and has been actively involved in various aspects of ministry since 1974. Throughout the years, he has assisted churches, para-church ministries and businesses in developing their staff and volunteers. Mark has also lead the Justice Conference Charlotte and part of a new city transformation effort, While traveling in more than 75 countries, coaching thousands in fusing together their faith and passions, his greatest enjoyment is to see people succeed at what God has wired them up to become. Mark and his wife, Cathy, have been married for 37 years. They have three adult children, six grandchildren, and reside in Matthews, NC.

Motion vs. Monument

Jesus could have completed His mission alone, but He chose to live and serve in the context of community. Jesus did a lot of good “things” (healed the sick, loved the forsaken, etc.), but there was much more to His earthly work than just a series of good works. Jesus took an approach that set in motion what was to become the Church.

Mark SzymanskiMark Szymanski