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Matthew Rohrs

Matthew Rohrs

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Matthew works for HOPE as director of spiritual integration in 2010, bringing with him a passion for finding synergy between ministry and business. A graduate of Taylor University (B.S., business systems) and the University of Notre Dame (MBA), Matthew spent nearly a decade in pension investment consulting and earned the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation before joining HOPE. While working in the marketplace, Matthew developed a deep love for the Church and discipleship. His eight years of service as a small group leader and four years as a church elder blossomed into a desire to empower the Church on a global scale. As Matthew’s interest in the ministry of microfinance and sustainable approaches to poverty alleviation grew, he became the founding member of HOPE’s regional board in Indiana. Matthew remains an active volunteer member of the regional board and now serves professionally with HOPE, helping the organization fulfill its core objective of honoring and obeying Christ in all aspects of its work. Matthew and his wife, Jeanne, have three children, Isaiah, Jackson, and Dillon.

5 Keys to Crush Stinginess

This fall, I had the pleasure of gathering with colleagues and friends from the Christian relief and development community at three different conferences. I love learning and meeting new people at these events, but this year one observation really blew me away: We typically think of generosity in financial terms, but so many of these [...]

Matthew RohrsMatthew Rohrs