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Matthew Winn

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Matthew is the Founder and current Chairman of Mission 78:72, an organization that equips and challenges servant-leaders around the world to guide the Body of Christ with integrity and skill. He also serves as President and CEO of Winn’s Continuing Education, Inc. He holds master’s degrees from both California Baptist University (MBA in Leadership) and Wheaton College (Bible and Theology), and has served as Executive Pastor at Dogwood Church in Atlanta, GA as well as Director of International Missions & Leadership Development at Christ Church in Memphis, TN. His undergraduate work was in accounting, and he is a CPA. Matthew’s previous service experience includes missions involvement in several countries in addition to many leadership roles in various church settings. This background has prepared him well to serve Mission 78:72 in challenging Christ’s followers to serve the “least of these” in today’s culture by equipping pastors and Christian leaders of any vocations to maximize their impact. God has prompted him to focus on three countries in particular, each uniquely strategic for His Kingdom today: China, North Korea and India.

Great Expectations?

“I personally love worshiping with believers from other cultures, especially in their home countries. I can’t help but look around the room and think, this is it! This is a little glimpse of what it’s going to be like in Heaven. Those are some of the most treasured worship memories of my life. Yet I can’t help but wonder why isn’t that [...]

Matthew WinnMatthew Winn