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Patricia Tillman

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Patricia Tillman has a heart to see leaders mature to their fullest potential through discerning the wisdom of Christ and aligning with His attitude and purpose. She’s an ordained minister with Teaching the Word Ministries, a consultant group for Christian leaders in Lancaster, PA. She’s served as a Bible School teacher locally and oversees, and in various leadership positions with church and non-profit organizations as teacher, writer, pastoral counselor, manager, board member, and over 30 years as a worship leader. Patricia lives with her husband and Special-Olympics-champion son in Lititz, PA.

Do You Know Where Your Metron Is?

We're not to "think of ourselves more highly than we ought, because God has given everyone "the measure [metron] of faith," and we're to stay within our own measure. “We have many members ... but all the members do not have the same function ..." (Rom 12:2-4). Christ delegates to us the authority to follow His call within our own metron, [...]

Patricia TillmanPatricia Tillman