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Patrick Ondrey

Patrick Ondrey

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Patrick Ondrey is an internationally recognized author and speaker. As he speaks in churches, Bible colleges and conferences throughout the world, his teachings encourage, empower and equip his audience to fulfill their God-given vision. Having spent many years in the corporate field and having owned a successful business, he is also a sought-after speaker to business leaders wherever he goes. Patrick has served as Chief Financial Officer, International Director of Finance and Administration, and has held other senior management positions with large national and multi-national corporations. Eventually he owned and operated a successful office services and management consulting business. He now serves as Senior Pastor of The Winner’s Circle Church. In addition he is the Chairman and President of Patrick Ondrey International and The Lana Ondrey Foundation. These organizations help the Body of Christ, churches and businesses around the world in developing a firm and long-lasting foundation for success in every area of life. Patrick also serves on the board of several other organizations throughout the world. Patrick is the author and co-author of many best-selling books including: Rapid Debt Reduction Strategies, The Victory Book and The Master Plan. These materials are helping people understand how to plan, implement and live in financial freedom. In his book, You’re More Than You Think You Are, Patrick delivers a clear message of how true servanthood in the Kingdom of God brings a fulfilled life to all. Throughout his life and even with a busy travel schedule, Patrick maintains a quality relationship with his entire family. He and his wife, Rhonda, are the proud parents of eight children and reside in Houston, Texas.