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Paul Metler

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Paul Metler, Ph.D. is Vice President of Content Development for InitiativeOne Leadership Institute. He specializes in writing and delivering content to help leaders align head and heart and live with a high level of integrity and authenticity. A husband and father living in Knoxville, Tennessee, Paul also serves as an Adjunct Faculty member at Lee University. Paul co-authored “Is Everyone on the Boat” and "The Reality of Change" with Dr. Fred Johnson.

Quiet Your Ego

It seems like a simple recipe. First, you quiet your ego. Then, you become a better learner. Finally, you emerge a better thinker. If you have ever witnessed a disaster being pulled from a smoking oven, you know that some recipes are more difficult to execute than others. The recipe for better thinking is one of those difficult recipes [...]

Paul MetlerPaul Metler

Can I Borrow Your Glasses?

Research provided by McKinsey’s Organizational Health Index suggests that one of the most important behaviors for effective leadership is “seeking different perspectives.” Why do leaders choose to “go it alone?” What are the mental roadblocks that prevent leaders from taking advantage of the value of different perspectives?

Paul MetlerPaul Metler