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Ray Chung

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Soldier of Light. HEART of a missionary. MIND of a businessperson, SOUL of a development worker. DEFENDER of culture.

Work by Faith Part 4

Josh Beck is the owner of Appalachian Running Company with a background as a professional cyclist, duathlete, and triathlete. Let’s start with “Be a Difference Maker.” What is this about? “Be a Difference Maker!” is our mantra at Appalachian Running Company. We filter everything we do through that lens. It’s taking mundane things like [...]

Ray ChungRay Chung

Work By Faith Part 3

Can you identify a certain point in time that launched your career forward? I need to share a little context in order to answer that question well. My father was a first generation Roman Catholic Hungarian immigrant and my mother was the daughter of a Southern Baptist Arkansas farmer. Feeling rejected by their denominations after [...]

Ray ChungRay Chung

Work By Faith Part 2

Was there a significant turning point that kick-started your career and eventually led you to Silicon Valley? It has been exciting co-founding a financial technology startup in Silicon Valley, which, to me, embodies the culmination of many of my passions implemented in a totally foreign context compared to my past. I don’t know if I [...]

Ray ChungRay Chung

Work By Faith Part 1

Welcome to the first of our interview article series featuring Christian leaders’ spiritual and practical take on work! We hope that our stories inspire readers (you!) to take meaningful actions in work. Equal parts spiritually enlightening and refreshingly practical, Ryan Keith, President and founder of Forgotten Voices talks to us [...]

Ray ChungRay Chung