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You Are Blessed! Do You Live Like It?

Stephen VaughnStephen Vaughn

The scene is a dimly lit upper room in the town of Jerusalem. Oil lamps burn hot hues of orangish-yellow and flicker as a soft breeze moves through the one window. Inside you can hear the gentle splashing of water. As you scan the room, you see the God of the Universe resting his weight on both of his knees.

The Carpenter’s strong hands wring the towel around His waist dry and He moves to his next beloved disciple, Peter. Jesus’ tan, vascular forearms reach for the mixture of sand, gravel, and dirt that is a foot. The assertive, rash apostle declares his unworthiness; “Peter persisted, ‘You’re not going to wash my feet ‒ ever!’” (John 13:8, MSG). Jesus, with loving compassion in His eyes, answers Peter with a simple insight. “If I don’t wash you, you can’t be part of what I’m doing” (John 13:8, MSG).

When Jesus, the very Son of God, took time to clean His disciples’ feet, he showed them their value – infinite! Twelve beloved friends were enough for Jesus to pour out his life as a sin offering.

What does Jesus ask of Peter in return for his cleansing? “If you understand what I’m telling you, act like it ‒ and live a blessed life” (John 13:17, MSG). How about you? Do you live a blessed life? Do you share the Blessing of all blessings with a world in search of it?

Why not start today? Wash the figurative feet of those around you. Start a conversation. Make someone feel special. Remember a birthday (thank you Facebook!). Recall a special occasion and ask how it went. It’s the small things that let someone know they have value. How can you serve today? Do it.

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