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Building Healthy Leaders, Part 10 – Designing Context – Video

Robert WalterRobert Walter

“Good seed can’t make up for bad soil.” Seed is like content and soil is like context. A wise farmer will put a lot of energy into cultivating his soil. He knows that it takes more than good seed (content) to raise a crop. So a wise farmer intentionally cultivates the soil (the spiritual, relational and experiential context) before he plants the seed (the content). So often, in our rush to get to the content we don’t give much thought to cultivating the soil and we become like the man in Jesus’ parable who just scatters seed. It should be no surprise that we frequently get the results of the three poor soils mentioned in the parable.

Presented by our Director of Training, Robert Walter, this is the tenth video in our Building Healthy Leaders series and describes the need for proper context to provide the greatest opportunity for growth for our emerging leaders.

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