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Building Healthy Leaders, Part 3 – The Goal – Video

Robert WalterRobert Walter

Before you start building something, you will usually have a blueprint of some kind – a picture of your goal (Luke 14:28). In Christian leader development, we must first have the right goal. 

According to the 5C Model, a healthy Christian leader knows God, was formed and lives in supportive and accountable community, has integrity, knows the purpose of God and presents it with credibility, clarity and passion, has the necessary gifts, skills and knowledge to lead the people in the accomplishment of this purpose, and is continually growing in all five areas. We must build all 5Cs: Christ, Community, Character, Calling and Competencies.

Presented by our Director of Training, Robert Walter, this is the third video in our Building Healthy Leaders series and describes the goal we should have in our leader development work.

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