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Burst Podcast Season 2: Principle #13

Brent HooverBrent Hoover

The Burst Leadership Podcast consists of short conversations designed to help you grow into a healthier leader: one who knows God, loves others, and embraces life. Sometimes it’ll be like chatting together over a cup of coffee, and sometimes we take a deeper dive. In this episode, Brent focuses on Principle #13, diving into the “Instructional” group of principles.

Principle #13 is that engagement brings change. Emerging leaders must be engaged in the process. They cannot be passive recipients. They must actively take responsibility for their own learning and be engaged in their hearts (broken and accountable before God and the community), in their heads (the various learning tasks) and in their hands (actively doing ministry). We must design transformational experiences that will help them to learn, do, and be. 

Find out more in this episode of Season 2 of the Burst Leadership Podcast.

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