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The Courage to Follow

Hiwot’s “Follow to Lead” thought reminded me of this wonderful three-minute TED talk. It’s called “How to Start a Movement” by Derek Silvers. I learned so much about change and leadership in those three minutes and all with a broad smile on my face. I learned that: The first followers are as important to any change as […]

Rick JamesRick James

Equipped for Others

“Will you equip yourself for yourself or for others?” This question challenged Rita so much that she took two years off work, went abroad, studied hard and returned to her hometown to equip others. That was 27 years ago. Today, the local organization that she helped develop in 1995 has grown, multiplied and served many […]

Elaine VitikainenElaine Vitikainen

A Church Led By Scholars

A group of church leaders are dynamically impacting a hostile tribe of eight million people in northeast India. They are putting their lives on the line every day as they proclaim and demonstrate the Gospel. And most of them cannot read. Sound familiar? Two thousand years ago, the first apostles were former fishermen, tax collectors, [...]

Rick SessomsRick Sessoms

I Was Wrong

The Internet is full of leadership articles with titles like these: “5 Tips to Become a Better Speaker” “4 Ways to Make Leadership Meetings More Efficient” Some of my own writings have these titles.  But I used to dislike these “lists” of tips, because I felt they were shortcuts that avoided the deeper “heart” issues […]

Adrian PeiAdrian Pei