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Articles in this category focus on how a leader can refine and build their character in Christ and lead by example from a Holy life.

Quiet Your Ego

I became a better thinker by becoming a better learner. To become a better learner, I had to quiet my ego. Edward D. Hess, Learn or Die It seems like a simple recipe. First, you quiet your ego. Then, you become a better learner. Finally, you emerge a better thinker. If you have ever witnessed […]

Paul MetlerPaul Metler

Rewards of Leadership

At Entrust, we realize people often volunteer to lead – even for the right position – for the wrong reasons. God often uses our character flaws to motivate us. Peter’s motive to lead resulted in his becoming a bold spokesman for and leader of the brand-new church, but he had to be refined by his […]

David GoodmanDavid Goodman

Leading with Love on the Line

I spend a lot of time on airplanes these days.  I love getting to work with amazing organizations across the country but that inevitably means hours and hours in airports.  All these miles I’ve logged have afforded me the opportunity to have “status” on most airlines.  I thoroughly enjoy the perks of better seats and early boarding [...]

Jenni CatronJenni Catron

Why Being Flexible Matters

A while back, my wife and I encountered some crazy weather while heading to some meetings in Canada. As we landed at Chicago’s O’Hare airport in order to make our connection, we knew that we were in trouble simply by looking out the window – snow was blowing, flights were cancelled, people were lined up […]

Russ ClineRuss Cline

Externalizing Blame

You might recognize the situation: you’re giving some input in a training or a meeting. You can see a mixed response. Some heads nodding, but others frowning, looking as if they want to burn down your ideas. I know I’m sensitive to negative feedback. To avoid the pain I tend to externalize blame. It must […]

Pieter MesselinkPieter Messelink