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Articles in this category focus on how a leader can refine and build their character in Christ and lead by example from a Holy life.

Handling Our Blind Spots Well

This week I sat through a lecture covering evangelical Christianity’s lack of diversity. The professor made his way through his material and arrived at his illustration. He was discussing the life of Johnathan Edwards. To my surprise, Edwards believed slavery was not only permissible, but biblically supported. Edwards had a blind spot. I [...]

Stephen VaughnStephen Vaughn

Find Joy in Everything

The funeral last weekend was harrowing. An energetic young mother of two little girls, struck down by cancer. I have no idea how her husband was able to stand at the front and speak. Trying desperately to hold himself together, he recounted how his wife had a four-word motto she lived by – “Find joy […]

Rick JamesRick James