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Articles in this category focus on rejoicing in the community of other believers, how to build and nurture community, and how to better reflect Jesus Christ to our brothers and sisters in the faith.

Daring to Be Vulnerable

When people are facing extreme problems, their organizations often embody those same challenges.  The Coalition of Women Living with HIV and AIDS was one such agency. Having grown quickly, but haphazardly, it was on the brink of tearing itself apart. This is the story about the power of forgiveness to resolve conflict and bring positive [...]

Joyce MatayaJoyce Mataya

Leaders Need Friends

Community serves a twofold place in the life of the leader. First, the healthy leader is built in community (Eph. 4:13-16). No healthy leader will ever be developed in a vacuum. The hottest ember grows cold in isolation. When we come together we are given copious opportunities to be patient, kind, forgiving and loving, to […]

Malcolm WebberMalcolm Webber

Mentoring the Mentors

Mentoring is usually concerned about mentoring younger leaders. Mentees are seeking for guidance and coaching from senior leaders as they face new challenges and struggle to balance their life and leadership, ministry and family. But who will mentor the mentors? Or do they need mentors if they are already mentoring others? In my recent [...]

Herman MoldezHerman Moldez

Are You Drained or Tired?

Do you ever worry that if you give to others too much, you won’t have anything left at the end of the day? Author Dr. John Townsend addresses this common concern and some misconceptions about love in his book Loving People, which I recommend.  Dr. Townsend writes that it is normal to feel tired when we love […]

Adrian PeiAdrian Pei

Before We Criticize Our Leaders

I can still recall walking out of the leadership meeting, feeling deflated and invisible.  They just don’t get me, and what I’m trying to do, I thought to myself.  I felt frustrated, indignant, and angry. And then I did the exact same thing to a group of younger leaders.  I neglected to value and honor their […]

Adrian PeiAdrian Pei