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Articles in this category focus on issues related to leading from union with the Father and building our spiritual life to increase our effectiveness as Christian leaders.

Are You a Grateful Leader?

Jesus once performed an amazing mass healing when he healed 10 lepers all at once (Luke 17.11-19). However, what amazed Jesus most was that only one leper came back to thank Him. The responses these lepers gave so astounded Jesus that Luke records three questions He asked out loud after the healing. “Were not all ten cleansed? Where are [...]

Charles StoneCharles Stone

God’s Job Description

If there’s anything that Jeff Pessina has learned in 37 years of ministry in the Philippines, it’s that he doesn’t write the job descriptions in his life. The most significant surrendering in my life was when things weren’t going the way I wanted them to or the way I expected. The Lord has never shown […]

Kelsey McFaulKelsey McFaul

Faith Walk

Many don’t know what it’s like to live in a place with the smell of urine in the hallways, while your mother is in the house smoking crack and heroin, only focused on her next high. Many don’t know what it’s like sitting home, only having a jar of mayonnaise to eat, while your mother […]

Alex AndersonAlex Anderson

We Can Only Imagine

In 2001, the Christian band Mercy Me released their hit single, I Can Only Imagine. It offers a myriad of different responses we might have when we meet Jesus face-to-face as we enter glory. The song invites us to imagine what it might feel like to stand before Jesus. How will we respond? Dance? Fall […]

Scott RodinScott Rodin

On Brokenness

All around us we see leaders with “broken legs.” Our first response as young, emerging leaders might be to think, “You can’t help me! I’m trying to avoid the very thing that has happened to you!” Or even, “Look! My leg is not broken. I know more than you do; I’m doing better than you […]

Malcolm WebberMalcolm Webber