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Resist Spirituality

In our reshaping day and age of fluid culture, society and Church, what are the truest healthy signs of Christian leadership? At the epicenter of our Christian cultures today, what are the real, timeless essentials that we have to gather around? Are you confident that the culture you’re a part of today is truly biblical?

Nick FranksNick Franks

Bloom Where You’re Planted

“An idea that’s important to me is, ‘Bloom where you’re planted.’ I’ve become more comfortable recognizing that this is what God calls us to surrender to. God moved me here, gave me the opportunities to do the things I’ve done, and now I get to help influence another generation to use their time, talents, and treasures for His glory.”

Kelsey McFaulKelsey McFaul

Five Kinds of Power

A leader helps someone move from where he is now to somewhere else. But what about how the leader motivates that move? We may define leadership “power” as the leader’s capacity to influence others to move from where they are now to somewhere else. There are essentially five reasons why people follow someone else, or […]

Malcolm WebberMalcolm Webber

Yesterday Once More

Most changes we contemplate and enact aren’t poorly designed. When change goes sideways it’s likely due to poor presentation and communication. We can’t forget that our people love yesterday; yesterday is safe. Tomorrow is scary. Let’s consider forging the link rather than emphasizing it. Questions: What’s different when you present [...]

Corey OlynikCorey Olynik

Worship Leading in Real Life

The piano is out of tune again. The sound board is possessed. The drummer’s belt pack just died, and over in his plexiglass space pod, he can’t hear a thing. The alto section decided to take the day off. The second verse of the opening song vanished from ProPresenter. The bulletin accidentally printed last Sunday’s […]

Jamie BrownJamie Brown

Wounded Healers

We were working with 25 Mothers’ Union community development coordinators from across South Africa. As part of our training, my co-facilitator performed a monologue of how it must have felt to be the woman who encountered Jesus at the well (John 4). She was ostracized and rejected by her community. At the end of the […]

Bill CrooksBill Crooks