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Doing Well When Everything Is Against You – Doing Well in the Fire Video Series #1

Malcolm WebberMalcolm Webber

This is Part 1 in a video series on Doing Well in the Fire.

Part 2 – Faith
Part 3 – Identity in Christ
Part 4 – Responsibility
Part 5 – Eternal Perspective

Every believer goes through sufferings of many kinds. These sufferings are for a purpose: to transform our lives and to bring God glory. But this transformation is not automatic. It’s how we respond that counts. It is our response to adversity that determines whether it will help us or hurt us. Sadly, probably more often than not, sufferings destroy people because of their bad responses.

But, by God’s grace, we can learn to do well in the midst of the fire. To “do well” means to respond well to suffering and actually to grow through the suffering – to find God in a deeper way and to be more conformed to the image of Christ. It’s good to endure the fire; it’s even better to endure the fire well!

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