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Enter Into This Union

Linda ShanksterLinda Shankster

In Hebrews 1, the author declares Jesus’ superiority even above angels. 

I personally experienced a profound time of travail and intercession as I read verse 13 in the Williams New Testament.

To which angel did He ever say: “Just keep your seat at My right hand, until I make your foes a footstool for your feet”?

These are a few of things I felt as I travailed and wept before God from this passage:

The Father honors His Son. 

The Father defends His Son.

The Father is confident of His plan.  

The Son obeys His Father. 

The Son fully trusts His Father.     

The Son is willing to wait on His Father’s timing.

Our God is absolutely Sovereign. 

Our God is entirely worthy of our trust.

My faith was deeply stirred. What confidence we can have in the Lord through our faith and obedience!

Father, teach us to enter into this union that You share in the Godhead. May our intercessions be born out of the self-giving love and honor that You share together. We humbly align our prayer burdens with Yours. We choose to “keep our seat” in rest as we intercede for You to answer and fulfill all things according to Your Will.

You are Holy and there is no other!

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