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Equipped for Others

Elaine VitikainenElaine Vitikainen

“Will you equip yourself for yourself or for others?” This question challenged Rita so much that she took two years off work, went abroad, studied hard and returned to her hometown to equip others. That was over 27 years ago.

Today, the local organization that she helped develop in 1995 has grown, multiplied and served many other local organizations. Competent and passionate, Rita believes that equipping others is God’s call in her life. She also recognizes those who helped nurture her calling, those who invested themselves in her growth. Rita is deeply committed to mentor others just as she has been mentored. And she does it with a joyful heart.

“What I give, I don’t lose. Rather it will multiply. It will not be taken away from me,” Rita told me.

How will you equip others this week?
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