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Humble Confidence

Doreen Kwarimpa-AtimDoreen Kwarimpa-Atim

I sometimes struggle with working with humility and confidence. I was making some suggestions to my co-facilitator as we were doing some joint planning for an event. After we finished, he asked me to reflect on my posture while making my contributions. I realized that I had done it quite hesitantly. I was trying not to be presumptuous with my thoughts, and this had affected my confidence to make a contribution in this particular work situation. It dawned on me that sometimes, because I do not want to appear over-bearing, I deny others the gifts that I have to offer.

In Matthew 5: 13 Jesus challenges us to be the salt of the world. A good meal needs just enough salt. As Christians if we are “too much salt,” we can ruin a situation and cause a lot of harm, while if we are “too little salt,” we will not make any difference. We might as well not be there. I realized that one of the ways I lose my saltiness is by holding back on what I have to contribute.

Humility involves recognizing and boldly using the gifts that God has given us, in the places where he puts us. To be the right amount of salt in team situations, and as an Organizational Development practitioner, I need to work with both humility and confidence. If one overwhelms the other, then I lose the beauty and power of who God has created me to be.

This week:
To take the opportunities that God is giving me, where do I need to be both confident and humble?

What do I need to strengthen or let go of so that I can be the “right amount of salt?

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