Healthy Leaders


It’s Ok to Ask for Help

Jim BrennemanJim Brenneman

Healthy leaders need the help of others. We pour ourselves into the lives of others – mentoring, fathering, weeping, aching, building and nurturing. But who will do that for us?

Periodically every leader needs counselling – whether formal and professional, or simple informal friendships and accountability partners.

In 2020, during this time of forced isolation I saw the need to seek professional counselling.

We all need each other in some form – sometimes counselling, sometimes leading us to worship, sometimes asking thoughtful questions, sometimes being there as a friend, sometimes weeping with those who weep, groaning together (in laughter and in pain), giving a smile, or a hand, or a pat on the shoulder, or a hug.
I am not ashamed of receiving counsel. I want everyone to know that I am receiving counselling.

It is a good thing for me to lead by example.

WE ALL NEED TO BE MNISTERED TO . . . Think of this One who received ministry from others:
Mark 1:13; Luke 22:43. If He could receive help from others, then so can I. It is a need shared by all who are born of woman – we need help.

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