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Leading Effective Online Trainings

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With many churches and ministries turning to online training in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s vital to have effective online training skills. This session will cover how to facilitate an online training, covering important aspects like preparing for online sessions, participant activities, materials, and a support team. We will explore how to apply LeaderSource’s Four Dynamics in your online training as well as various tools and techniques that will help enhance your training impact.

About Ehab Tadros
Ehab grew up in a godly family and accepted Christ in his teens at a church retreat. Later, he began serving in children’s ministry at the local church and different children ministries throughout Egypt. Prior to joining LeaderSource, Ehab led the Better Life Children’s Team (a widely known worship team in the Arabic-speaking world), and co-founded and served as the chairman of Voice of Generation, a transformational ministry that equips and empowers leaders of
children ministries from different denominations. Ehab had held a series of successful leadership positions in both the business world when he was diagnosed with a terminal illness in 2008. God miraculously healed him over the period of one year, while preserving his positions in work and ministry. During that time God completely transformed and prepared him for a higher calling. After working over 20 years in secular industry and voluntarily serving for over 30 years in ministries, Ehab quit his job and left everything to follow the lead of God in 2014. He developed an aching heart to serve the church by equipping healthy leaders to be more Christ-centered, which led him to join LeaderSource Egypt as country director. Ehab is married to Evette Saleh, the executive director of Miracle Christian Satellite Network. They live in Cairo with their four children (Selena, Mandy, Jessy, and Daniel).

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