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Let’s Take a Walk

Dan LovagliaDan Lovaglia

Let’s Take a Walk

Solvitur ambulando.

[More on that in a moment, but let’s talk a walk through 2020 together first.]

My world—our world—turned on a dime in March. The onset of the novel coronavirus quickly raged into a global pandemic. Regardless of where you stand on mask wearing, social distancing practices, politics, economics, health care, education, and the long-term ramifications of implementing safer-at-home measures, the pervasive impact of COVID-19 is impossible to miss. For many, the focus is on what’s happening “out there.” For me? I realized early on that the crisis of this season revealed what’s going on “in here.”

[Join me in placing your hand on your heart.]

For the past nine months, I’ve traveled less and walked more than ever. I already work from home, so apart from being on the road to connect onsite with ministries, 2020 wasn’t all that unusual professionally speaking. But personally, as one who loves venturing out to new spaces and meeting new faces, this year took a toll on my heart. I’m grateful that early on—quite literally day one of our state’s emergency orders—I chose to keep moving my feet. “Getting my steps” has never been a priority of mine, but I knew somehow that taking a stroll everyday would be good for my soul.

So, I went for a walk. I did the same the next day. And the day after. And the day after that. In many ways I went walking, as if for the first time, and never looked back.

Solvitur ambulando is an ancient Latin phrase that refers to solving problems by taking a walk. It refreshes the mind and gives you new perspective on God, yourself, and the world around you. This year I’ve walked the streets of my neighborhood over and over. The routine has been good for an impulsive, adventure-seeking guy like me. My wife and I have reconnected. My dog has become an even better best friend. I’ve gotten reacquainted with nature, old friends, and how my heart is really doing deep down inside. I’ve prayed more, listened more, and wondered more than ever. Walking has helped me intentionally take spiritual strides with God and others during a season of tremendous uncertainty. The result? Hope and healing have met me along the way.

[If you’re near a window, take a look outside right now. And get your shoes on.]

I don’t know who did the math, but I’ve heard that Jesus walked over 21,000 miles while He was on earth. Obviously, it was his primary mode of transportation, but it is also an example He set that positions us for physical, emotional, spiritual, and relational wellbeing. My prayer for you and for me as we turn the page from 2020 to 2021 is that we will all walk closely with our Lord and Savior. That we’ll let the air God gives fill our lungs, clear our minds, and restore our hearts. And, that we’ll rest in His grace knowing full well that we can’t solve anything on our own by taking a walk, but by His Spirit, God can and will.

[I’m signing off now until 2021. Let’s all take a walk with God for His glory and our health today.]

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Christmas Eve, 2020

Proverbs 4:25-26

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