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Motion vs. Monument

Mark SzymanskiMark Szymanski

Those who desire to live in a way that advances the Kingdom of God are faced with many decisions. One key crossroad is the decision to walk alone or in a group, to set into motion as many people as possible or built a monument of self-accomplishment.

A bee produces 1/12 of a teaspoon of honey in its lifetime of roughly seven weeks. One bee doesn’t really accomplish much. But when it works in partnership with a hive under the direction of a queen, it fulfills its God-given purpose in creation.

A large part of my life involves helping people, most of whom are Christians, but I do not limit myself to believers only. I find ways to fuse their faith and passion together in order to fulfill their God-given purpose, or in the case of non-believers, help them accomplish their goals. In the process, I build relationships and opportunities to speak into their lives.

Jesus was sent to earth by a loving Father and lived in community with those the Father gave Him. He loved and taught them. They did things together. He sent them out to serve and debriefed them when they returned. Jesus prayed for them. When He left them, the Father sent the Spirit to comfort, empower and guide them. These ordinary men and women went on to turn the world upside down.

Jesus could have completed His mission alone, but He chose to live and serve in the context of community. Jesus did a lot of good “things” (healed the sick, loved the forsaken, etc.), but there was much more to His earthly work than just a series of good works. Jesus took an approach that set in motion what was to become the Church.

Paul had a similar approach. We see this life strategy in 2 Timothy 2:2 and many other places. Paul had lovingly poured himself into Timothy – teaching, praying, modeling and experiencing life with him. In this passage, Paul encouraged Timothy to continue this pattern with others. Timothy was encouraged to invest in others in such a way that the Kingdom of God would grow, expand and multiply.

I am trying to follow this same pattern in my life – with the saints God has gathered around me as well as others who are not yet in relationship with the Father. I am learning that I must maintain several key attitudes in order to be effective in setting others in motion to change our community and the world.

I have chosen to not walk alone. I am trying to do my part in this eternal and global movement under the direction of The King. By God’s grace, I am living in community in such a way that my friends and I are impacting our neighborhoods and the world with God’s love.

Who has God placed in your life? Are you just doing a bunch of good things for those God has entrusted to you, or are you serving in a way that moves people forward in God’s mission? Bring glory to God by serving and challenging each other to a more deliberate and missional life.

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