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Motivating Others

Elaine VitikainenElaine Vitikainen

I was facilitating a workshop on implementing a strategic plan. We spent a lot of time discussing staff engagement. It seemed to be a major issue. I asked the eight participants from different projects the question: “How do you motivate staff to get more engaged in their work?” I was shocked. Together they came up with 89 ideas! They were overflowing with creative ways to motivate and inspire staff.

We limit our thinking when we assume that staff are simply motivated by external rewards. We are misguided if we think motivation is all about salaries and benefits. Research reveals a different reality. The top motivator for staff performance is not salary; instead, it is being recognized for a job well done. People usually respond well to positive, truthful feedback from others. Genuine and encouraging words cost nothing. Yet somehow, despite their positive impact on performance, they are still surprisingly rare.

This week: 
Whom do you need to motivate? 
What really makes them tick and how could you motivate them?

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