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A Difficult Word

While not difficult to understand, reconciliation can be a difficult word to put into practice. It can be very difficult to get two family members who are at odds to be reconciled. And it can sometimes seem very difficult for us (or for others we know) to be made right with God.

Alan SmithAlan Smith

Afraid to Speak Up

There are times in our lives when we are hesitant to say something out of fear. Not fear of being "shot," but fear of being "shot down," fear of being ridiculed, fear of being embarrassed. As a result, given the opportunity to take a stand for Christ, we choose silence instead. It seems "safe" considering the circumstances. May God help us to replace our fear of men with the fear of God.

Alan SmithAlan Smith

The Church in China: Toward a New Narrative

China is experiencing the most massive urban migration in the history of the world. The relocation of nearly 300 million people from the countryside to the cities has helped raise millions out of poverty, contributed to the rise of a new middle class, and, along with the one-child policy, brought about irreversible change in the Chinese family structure. It is this transformation of the church into a dynamic urban movement that constitutes the real story in China today. How the church weathers this urban transition will have far-reaching effects not only on the church in China but upon the global church as well.n Leadership, Brent Fulton

Brent FultonBrent Fulton

How the Gospel Frees Us To Risk

I want Christ, but I too often want Him as a kind of quantifiable spiritual asset, as something I can always check to be sure of just as I can check my bank account balance or my cholesterol level. I want what God has promised, but I want power of attorney to execute those promises when I’ve determined I need them. That’s not what the gospel of Jesus Christ is all about.

Russell MooreRussell Moore