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Healthy Leaders

Be one. Build many.

Immediate Indigenous Leader Development

Missions work must center around bringing the Gospel to people who have never heard it, making disciples ‒ evangelism. A great harvest has resulted in the nations of the world, and now a crisis of insufficient leadership overwhelms the rapidly growing numbers of believers. Many become ensnared in cults and extreme teachings. The desperate need is for leaders. Jim Brenneman gleans from the example of Paul's ministry the remarkable pattern of immediate identification and building of indigenous leaders.

Jim BrennemanJim Brenneman

How Teamwork Led to one of the Greatest Achievements in Sports History

If you follow soccer at all you would have heard by now that Leicester City Football Club, a soccer club in England, has won the British Premier League, one of the most well-known soccer leagues in the world. If you don’t follow soccer, you might not understand the importance of this victory. Leicester City showed how teamwork can be more important to success than incredible individual talent on one of the greatest sporting stages in the world.

Joshua WebberJoshua Webber

Regaining Hope

How do you deal with disappointment? Some of us hide it away. We deny its reality with fine words. But deep down we become numb. We become afraid to trust God again. “Surviving disappointment” becomes our background story, influencing our response to every interaction. We need to grieve disappointment in a healthy way.

Dorothy StewartDorothy Stewart

The Spiritual Nature of the Church

Just as the Christian life is union and fellowship, even so the church is union and fellowship. Its nature is union. Its nature is fellowship. Union and fellowship with Christ, and union and fellowship with each other – in Christ. That is all the church is: union and fellowship with each other, in Him. And every other aspect of church life will come out of that – inevitably and spontaneously. And it will be real. When it comes it will be genuine, and alive.

Malcolm WebberMalcolm Webber