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Recommitting to the Call

Elaine VitikainenElaine Vitikainen

I feel a sense of heaviness, even tension, whenever I prepare to chair the bi-annual governance committee meetings. There are reports, reports and yet more reports to read. Endless words full of bullets and jargon. I’m also thinking of the impending 10-hour flight, snatching bouts of uncomfortable and unsatisfactory sleep between reheated airplane meals. I know I’d rather stay at home!

But on the way to the airport, I felt God spoke to me strongly, reassuring me that this is what I should be doing at the moment. I felt at peace. It made me renew my commitment to this role. I felt a new sense of joy in being able to do what I do. Not that it turned out to be an easy trip. Far from it! But I had the assurance that God had called me to this role – so much better and safer than just doing the things that I want to do.

This week, think about the role God has called you to in your organization.

How do you feel about this role?

If you feel that this is the place God wants you to be at the moment, recommit yourself to your role and thank Him for being there for you. If not, ask God where He wants you to be.

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