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Priya Ashvita Raj KumarPriya Ashvita Raj Kumar

On a hot Indian summer’s day, two little boys walked into our store. Asking for ice cream and two spoons, one of them slipped a Rs. 5/- coin on the cashier’s table. They walked out together, carefully holding the small cup of ice cream.  Curious, I followed and watched from a distance as they sat together on a bench outside the store. Solemnly and in unspoken agreement, they opened the ice cream cover.  Each holding a flat wooden spoon, they took turns scooping up the few mouthfuls of ice cream. In a few minutes the cup was clean. Apparently satisfied, they left. That small ice cream cup had little for one and even less for two, but these children had learned the value of sharing the little they had, amicably.

Touched by their example, I was reminded of the little boy who shared his food so that a thousand others were miraculously fed, and the widow’s small but significant mite.

Their message of love and selfless giving are especially pertinent in today’s world marked by the recent political turbulence, where self-interest and prejudice have caused division and hatred. They show how we can be light and share what we have to nurture life and hope.

Organizations and communities offer tremendous opportunities to share and give of our talents, time, financial and other resources with each other. We know that the sharing begins with love (1 Corinthians 13:2-4). The Bible exhorts us to share generously and give cheerfully.  Each of us has so much to give.

May God help us to break down the walls which push us away from each other. This week:

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