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Managing a Vision

We believe that a crisp articulate vision can be realized. A vision spoken with passion will stir many hearts. A good orator such as Martin Luther King, Jr. was successful in envisioning the society. Vision casting can be a combined effort; Mahatma Gandhi was the visionary and Prime Minister Nehru was the orator. Visions of […]

Gary KamaalGary Kamaal

Leading Abundantly

Fall follows Summer, which follows Spring and time marches on just as God designed. He limited time for us in set hours in a day, and set days in a week. We think there are not enough hours in a day, but God knew before He created time how mankind would use it. Scott discusses some poignant points about time management, and notes that [...]

Scott RodinScott Rodin

Why Do You Do What You Do?

Dogs are exuberant in their joy. They exhibit it when they see you coming. It never matters how long – it could be ten minutes or ten hours – their joy is just as exultant. They know their purpose is to share that joy with you. However, it’s easy to get to a place in life where you forget the joy that you first found in your role. To [...]

Dionna SanchezDionna Sanchez