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A Team Design for Abiding in Christ

Brent HooverBrent Hoover


Gratitude Walk

After everyone arrives, begin by enjoying a walk together with the intent of noticing God’s goodness in creation. At some point, gather everyone and direct them to think of things for which they are grateful; then, speak them out for everyone to hear and for God to hear. Emphasize that this is part of abiding in Christ, and continue the walk with participants speaking out in gratitude. Don’t be afraid of silence on the walk. Let people walk and think and speak. After 10-30 minutes (depending on your context), gather as a group to talk about your purpose for the day. 

Lay Down Cares and Worries

As a group, quiet your hearts and take time to turn your worries over to Him one by one. 

Listen to Teaching from God’s Word

Together or alone, listen to the podcast teaching on abiding in Christ, or give a direct teaching on its content yourself from John 15 and John 1. 

Solitude with Jesus

Direct your team to take a short walk to find a solitary place, and do what the teaching said. Look at God. Meditate on John 15. Ask God to speak to you through His creation. What do you see and what does it teach you about abiding in Him? Do this for 30 to 60 minutes (exact time does not matter, of course – base it on your needs as a team). In a journal, write down what the Lord is revealing to you, or go for a walk and respond to the Lord in your own creative way. 

Share about the Abiding Experience

After 30-60 minutes, come back together for a time of sharing and prayer. Ask what they did, what they experienced, and what they learned. 

Next Steps Encourage your team to continue to abide in Christ throughout the next two weeks. Discuss how to make this a conscious focus in their daily lives and at special times. Decide to meet again somewhere in two weeks to talk about what God is teaching them through this, or to go through this design again.

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