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The Importance of Renewing Your Mind

Joseph LalondeJoseph Lalonde

Scripture tells us an important truth: we need to renew our minds.

Does this truth apply to leadership along with the layperson? I believe so.

The renewing of our minds does a great work within us. It helps us to become better leaders.

Why we need to renew our minds

Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is – His good, pleasing and perfect will. (Romans 12:2)

Scripture tells us that we’re to renew our minds so we can test and approve what is of God. This, to me, means that the renewing of our minds helps us to know what is truth and what isn’t.

A perfect starting point for why this is so important for leaders.

Renewing our minds helps us to know what is true.

As leaders, we should be seekers of truth. Truth can be an elusive thing in the world we live in.

We read books, many from varying faith perspectives and leadership styles. These books will challenge our ways of thinking.

Only with the renewing of our minds and knowing what is truth will we know what to accept as truth and what to reject.

Renewing of our minds helps us to remember what we’ve learned.

The old saying goes: “You either use it, or you lose it.”

How true that is with the information we consume. From books to audio content to podcasts to leadership conferences, we’re processing so much content it’s hard to keep it straight.

Now, if we go back and renew our minds and review what we’ve recently learned, we have the opportunity to retain more of that information.

Renewing of our minds helps us to find our purpose. 

Our minds can easily become clouded without reviewing and renewing. We aren’t drawn to cleaning out our minds.

Rather, we tend to collect more and more junk. We hold onto emotions and feelings. We keep useless knowledge tucked away.

But if we make it our purpose to constantly renew our minds, we can clean out the junk that we’ve brought in. We can make our minds like new.

I love how biblical principles can apply to leadership. This principle of renewing our minds is a perfect example, not only in our faith walk but in everyday life. 

I hope you’ll take the time to begin renewing your mind. Begin clearing out the clutter. Begin refreshing what you’ve learned. Begin searching out the truth.

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