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The Three Horizons

Malcolm WebberMalcolm Webber

The effective church or Christian ministry will focus on three time horizons simultaneously:

  1. Taking care of current responsibilities, extending and defending the core existing ministries.

For example, a local church will have existing ministries relating to pastoral care, children, Sunday morning meetings, etc.

For example, a local church may have begun a new small group strategy that is just starting to become effective.

For example, a local church may be praying and learning about how to send out missionaries in the future.

This pattern encompasses the mature, emergent and embryonic phases of an organization’s life cycle.

The top leader must ensure that the right people focus on the right horizons. The gifts and callings required to manage current responsibilities, to develop new strategies and to search out viable future directions are widely different from one another:

  1. Taking care of present responsibilities (the first horizon) requires effective managers.

How to Improve

The following are some practical ways that you can improve in this area of leadership:

The leader is responsible to see that all three horizons are addressed effectively. If any one of them is ignored there will be problems. If the current, core responsibilities are neglected then there will be no tomorrow. But if the future horizons are neglected, sooner or later the organization will become irrelevant.

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